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Ski touring

Skiing is the best excuse to discover high mountains in the winter. Skiing in virgin snow, escaping from the beaten path… A great moment!

We sort our ski-touring activities in 3 categories: weekends, STAR-SHAPED formulas, and HAUTE ROUTE formulas. Weekends are perfect escapes from a busy week and consist in a two-day summit ascent.

STAR-SHAPED formulas are organized with the hut as a daily starting point. From there, we look for the best snow and locations for the participants. This formula is focused on the pleasure of being in the mountain and discovering new places. Participants also have the advantage of carrying only a day pack.

HAUTE ROUTE formulas imply a more demanding approach because the goal is to go from point A to point B. It demands a sense of commitment and a good physical strength.

Education - Our program

Length of stay
SwitzerlandAvalanche : Theoretical seminar on avalanches (for everyone)2 hoursSpecials
SwitzerlandAvalanche Basics : The elementary snow-knowledge for ski touring (2 days)2 daysBasics
SwitzerlandAvalanche Level 1 : Basics for independent judgement (3 days)3 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandAvalanche Level 2 : Decision making, advanced training for ski touring (3 days)3 daysPro
SwitzerlandCours GPS : navigation en montagne1 daySpecials
SwitzerlandInitiation au ski de randonnée : les montagnes vous invitent (2 jours)2 daysBasics
SwitzerlandOrientation / Lecture de cartes / GPS: Où suis-je?2 daysSpecials
SwitzerlandSki de randonnée : Cours de base, les montagnes vous appellent (4 jours)4 daysBasics
SwitzerlandSki de randonnée Coaching 3 : La dernière étape de formation pour les amateurs de ski de randonnée confirmés6 daysPro
SwitzerlandSkitouren Coaching 1 - Selbst ist der Mann - und die Frau4 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandSkitouren Coaching 2 : Technik und Taktik für selbständige Hochtouren4 daysLevel 2
SwitzerlandTechnique de ski en neige profonde et non préparée - Application dans des descentes Freeride (4 jours)4 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandTechnique de ski hors piste : Conseils et astuces en neige profonde et non préparée (2 jours)2 daysBasics
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To carry out the tours on which you dream, hire a mountain guide on a private basis.

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