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Consulting is proposed to web users free of charge and with no guarantee from BeMountain. However, BeMountain is conscious of its role in Internet's development and in the necessary self-regulation by its key players. That is why BeMountain has created this document that defines its engagement towards web users.

However, the engagements taken by BeMountain do not exonerate web users from their responsibilities and obligations, as listed below.

Access and use of are considered as acceptance of this legal notice. If you disagree with the clauses below, it is unadvisable to use these services.

BeMountain reserves the right to modify or update this legal notice at any time.

Limitation of liability

BeMountain publishes programs from mountain guides members of BeMountain up until the time of booking. BeMountain does not take on any financial transaction related to the programs and services offered by the Guides. The financial transaction related to the booking and participation to an activity lies exclusively between a guide and its client.

BeMoutain declines total responsibility for the content of programs and services it publishes. Also, BeMountain cannot be held responsible in any matter related to direct or indirect fault consequently to a transaction, offers or realization of the offered programs.

The mountain guide member of BeMountain is entirely responsible for the content of his programs and its realization and guarantees BeMountain that the content is lawful, does not violate the rights of a third party and is not bound by penal law.

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