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Are you a current or a new mountain guide client?

What is BeMountain?

More than just a gathering of high mountain guides, BeMountain is a mind-set!

Passion. Discovery. Pleasure. Dream 365 days a year. BeMountain's high mountain guides wish to share their mountain passion with you and make you discover (or rediscover) the magical world of mountains.

Your joy is our challenge. Beginners, die-hard fans, kids, enterprises, you can all discover, develop your skills and vibrate with hundreds of peaks for all levels. All our activities fall under BeMountain's guiding standards.

BeMountain helps you search and hire a guide as simply as possible. This website makes it easy to book reservations or a program with your favorite guide, or to get to know a new one, in accordance to the activity or the region that you choose.

At crossroads between a welcoming space and a sales point, BeMountain is a pratical online basecamp where ideas emerge, projects originate and a virtual marketplace for sharing and information. From there, guides take on the welcoming of the participants, the scheduling of their program and then any follow-ups required.

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