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BeMountain Charter

BeMountain members promise to respect the BeMountain Charter, in letter and spirit and promise to promote its values, as follow.


BeMountain is a network based on a tour and trip program database with an interactive and multimedia component. It enables professionals recognized by IFMGA to access the program offered on the network and to offer them to their clients, thus promoting market transparency.

The circulation of information in real time maximizes the number of programs offered to the client, but also stimulates program exclusivity for a guide.



BeMountain is a network of mountain professionals that respects its members identities and regionalities.
Mountain guides or guide offices who join promise to :

  • Fulfill the professional training requirements as stated by the IFMGA
  • Endorse the work ethics specific to their profession
  • Contribute to the network


Through the network?s security and reliability, through data standardization, through its members? know-how, BeMountain establishes a trusted relationship between the client and the mountain guide. BeMountain helps the client to choose the professional with whom he will access to the whole service range offered by the network.

Mountain guides or guide offices who join promise to :

  • Respect data privacy
  • Help client benefits from the advantages of the network
  • Promote the network?s mind-set.

BeMountain members thus show their attachment to the work ethics of the profession. They contribute to making BeMountain a quality label that guarantees its clients a high level of satisfaction.

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