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Physical condition: 3/4
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1 participant(s) for one guide

Hörnli hutt 3260m

Matterhorn 4479

Hörnli hutt
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Matterhorn 4478m ascent by normal route Hörnli ridge in 2 days

Region: The Alps > Alpes du Nord > Alpes Valaisannes Ouest
Country: Suisse
The Matterhorn is one of the most famous and spectacular mountains in the Alps, but unfortunately it has in recent years increasingly become a fashionable and prestigious mountain to climb.
Highlight We would therefore like to emphasise the fact that the Matterhorn is one of the most difficult classic climbs in the Alps. We even recommend experienced climbers to hire a guide for the climb.

Excellent condition is necessary for climbing the Matterhorn (8-9 hrs.), as well as very good acclimatisation. This is best acquired though intensive training in the Zermatt area. (1000 m - 1500 m uphill altitude difference daily with an hourly rate of 400 m altitude difference including breaks). You should, of course, be in very good physical condition before you arrive in Zermatt. In order to allow for sufficient physical and technical preparation and to get used to the thin air at altitude, we advise you to spend at least a week to 10 days in Zermatt before the climb. In addition to the extraordinary physical effort required, the climb is also technically very demanding. Experience in rock climbing, knowing how to move in mountain terrain and the competent use of crampons are a further requirement.

In order for us to consider your request to climb the Matterhorn, you must be able to prove participation in a compulsory training climb with one of our mountain guides. This serves as a final preparation and test for climbing the Matterhorn, depending on your existing ability and condition.

The best time for climbing the Matterhorn is between mid-July and mid-September, depending on the weather and snow conditions at the time. We recommend to plan your climb outside the high season (i.e. not between 1 and 15 August). The guide meets his guest the evening before the climb at the Matterhorn Hut. The climb begins the next morning between 3.30 and 5 a.m. and takes approx. 4 hours. The descent takes the same time. For safety reasons, a guide only takes one person on the rope.

Included in the price:
The guide's fee, arrangement fee, accommodation in the hut with half board for the guide and the guest, tea for on the way.

Hörnli hut 3260m

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Price per person 1430 CHF (other currencies)
for 2 day(s)
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