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Mountaineering is usually defined by the ability to discover, to conquest and to ascent high mountains. The great joy of mountaineering is that of a physical activity that does not necessarily have to be extreme. It is also a technique that has evolved through time by man, transforming a bare sport into a great human passion.

Mountains being a complex environment, problem solving calls for many skills simultaneously. Mountaineering is also in synch with technological evolution and new practices. However gifted, anyone needs to go through training to survive in such a demanding environment.

Our tours and courses enable beginners to discover where and how to take the first steps in mountains. And for the not-so-beginner, it is the right place to compare your own knowledge with new ways of techniques.

Our program - Education

Length of stay
ArgentinaAconcagua 6959m par le glacier des Polonais25 daysLevel 2
SwitzerlandAiguille de la Tsa 3668m par l'arête de Tsalion dans le val d'Arolla1.5 dayLevel 1
SwitzerlandAlpinisme à Orny : 5 jours d'escalade granit plaisir5 daysBasics
SwitzerlandBernina Plaisir: For mountain climbers without much alpine experience.6 daysBasics
SwitzerlandBernina Plus: 6 days of great mountaineering with the climb of Piz Bernina6 daysLevel 2
SwitzerlandBietschhorn: Crossind W ridge -N ridge2 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandMatterhorn 4478m ascent by normal route Hörnli ridge in 2 days2 daysLevel 2
ItalyDécouverte des Dolomites: 8 jours d'escalade8 daysLevel 2
SwitzerlandDent Blanche 4356m par sa voie normale4 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandEiger par l'arête du Mittellegi 3970m2 daysLevel 2
SwitzerlandGrand Muveran par l'arête de la Frête de Saille2 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandHaute Route valaisanne en été - Chamonix-Zermatt avec l'ascension d'un 4000m, le Breithorn8 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandMy first 4000 - Breithorn 4164m2 daysBasics
SwitzerlandMon premier 4000 - Allalin 4027m2 daysBasics
SwitzerlandMon premier 4000 - Weissmies 4023m en traversée2 daysBasics
SwitzerlandMönch et Jungfrau - un week-end à 40002 daysBasics
FranceMont Aiguille 2086m1 dayBasics
SwitzerlandMonte Rosa Plaisir – 11 sommets de 4000m en une semaine6 daysBasics
SwitzerlandMonte Rosa Plus - 14 peaks above 4000m during one week6 daysLevel 2
SwitzerlandPointe Dufour 4634m par la voie normale2 daysLevel 1
ItalyHigh mountaineering week: South of East Alps - Adamello Presanella6 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandHigh mountaineering week: Düssi - Clariden - Tödi5 daysLevel 2
SwitzerlandSemaine d’escalade et courses de haute montagne autour de la Furka5 daysLevel 1
FranceStage 6 jours: Mont Blanc 4807m6 daysBasics
FranceStage 6 jours: Traversée de la Meije 3980m6 daysLevel 2
SwitzerlandTraining Course Matterhorn 4478m by the Swiss or Italian normal route5 daysLevel 2
AustriaThe highest austrian summit: Grossvenediger - Grossglockner6 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandTraversée de l'Oberland Bernois en été avec l'ascension de plusieurs sommets de 4000m5 daysLevel 1
EquateurVoyage d'Andinisme en Équateur16 daysBasics
SwitzerlandHigh mountaineering week-end - Ortles2 daysLevel 2
SwitzerlandHigh mountaineering week-end - Piz Bernina Piz Palü3 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandHigh mountaineering week-end - Piz Buin2 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandHigh mountaineering week-end - Piz Kesch2 daysLevel 2
SwitzerlandHigh mountaineering week-end - Rheinwaldhorn2 daysBasics
SwitzerlandHigh mountaineering week-end - Ringelspitz2 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandHigh mountaineering week-end - Tödi2 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandHigh mountaineering week-end - Gspaltenhorn2 daysLevel 2
SwitzerlandWeissmies en traversée par l'arête Nord2 daysLevel 2
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