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Equipement list for mountaineering and mountaineering trainings

Clothes and protection

  • Shell clothing - A Gore-tex top and bottom will be the most weather proof. Make sure it fits with all the possible layers under it. There are other options to Gore-tex that work fine. The top should have a comfortable protective hood.
  • Climbing Pants - Schoeller or nylon
  • Winstopper jacket (softshell is fine)
  • Socks and Liners - Good warm sock. If it is too thick, it might restrict circulation and make your toes cold. Some suggestions - Smartwool.
  • Inner layers (multi-layer system) :
    • Mid weight long under wear top and bottom,
    • Mid weight fleece top and bottom,
    • Long Underwear Top - stretch midweight with pocket.
    • Heavier weight fleece jacket or insulated sweater.
    • Schoeller fabric stretch climbing pants are useful, but optional.
    • Short sleeve shirt (synthetic), optional
  • Heavy Insulated Jacket - synthetic or down (Mt. Blanc only or winter). Some suggestions - Patagonia DAS Parka, Marmot, etc. A down sweater could be a little on the cold side depending on the weather; a jacket with a hood is preferable. Thinner for Haute Routes and thicker for Mont Blanc.
  • Light Gloves - leather palms best for all
  • Medium Gloves - ski glove weight
  • Super Heavy Gloves - like BD Guide Glove or Patagonia Nitro
  • Fleece Hat - Neck gaitor and balaclava optional
  • Sun Hat - Baseball cap style is fine
  • Bandana - For long days on glacier
  • Sunglasses - Category 4 and side shields best for long days on sunny glaciers, wrap around cat. 3 sport glasses fine for most things.
  • Goggles - Mt. Blanc or winter only
  • Gaiters - long and short
  • Headlamp - spare batteries. Recommendation: Petzl Tikka Plus.
  • Sunscreen and Lipscreen, small bottles
  • Camera - small and light. We find when we bring along our small and light camera, we take more pictures.
  • Passport or identity card
  • Thermos  - Mt. Blanc and Winter
  • Pocket knife
  • Money in euros 
  • First-aid Kit (small) - blister kit and ibu
  • Food - Sandwiches, bars, and salty snacks - can easily by here - if you have specific favorites, bring from home.
  • Water - One to two liters, soda bottles lightest option - hydration systems with hoses not recommended as they freeze.

Hut Extras:

  • Ear plugs, sleeping bag liner (optional).
  • Alpine Club membership card.

Personal technical gear :

  • Boots - (plastics for Mt. Blanc only), Nepal Extremes, Trangos, approach shoes, rock shoes. La Sportiva Trango S (medium weight, mountain boot designed with rock climbing in mind and crampon compatable), approach shoes, and a bigger boot for climbing snow peaks, like the La Sportiva Nepal or Nepal Extreme - this
    boot may be used on rock peaks, but the lighter rock oriented Trango S will climb better and easier.
  • Crampons' 12 point, with anti balling plates. Recommendation: Petzl/Charlet Vasak.
  • Ice Axe - Shorter the better no leash necessary. At 6'2'' I use a 48 cm for alpine rock and a 53 cm for snow routes. If the terrain is less steep, We'll use a ski pole. Recommendation: Petzl/Charlet Cosmique.
  • Ice Tools - not necessary for Mt. Blanc, Eiger, Matterhorn, but very useful in Chamonix for other routes. Recommendation: Petzl/Charlet Quarks or Aztars.
  • Harness 
  • Helmet - Light but durable. Recommendation: Petzl Elios
  • Pack - 30-40 Liters
  • Walking Pole - One three section useful on some prep climbs, but optional.

Additional personal technical gear for mountaineering trainings:

  • Magnesia bag with reserve magnesia
  • 1 rock climbing shoes
  • 1-2 single & double slings
  • 2 locking biners
  • 1 belay device, grigri if available 
  • 1 belay device tube or 8
  • 7 express slings
  • 1 rap prussik (1m in 6mm)
  • 1 thin rope (5m in 6mm)
  • 1 rap. sling
  • Map, Compass, Altimeter, and GPS are all fun, but optional as the guides will have these items.

Group gear taken by the mountain guide :

  • First-aid kit
  • Ropes
  • Security gear  

Any of these items can be purchased locally and the technical gear (ice axes etc), can be rented. Another option if you are having trouble finding items in the US or want to get a better price, you can order from the web site

Please let us know if you have any questions about equipment; for example, if you have something that you think will work, but are not sure.

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