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Winter mountaineering

Everyone feels summer is too short. To mountaineers’ displeasure, seasons change and, as usual, the fall starts off with the regrets of tours that have not gone past the long months of preparation and training.

When snow hits the valley, when the days get shorter, one has a few choices : hibernate, move south under better skies, light up a cozy fire or buckle up for new adventures.

Celebrate winter! The cold season gives access to paths unachievable in summer and empties out usually overcrowded itineraries.

Our program - Education

Length of stay
SwitzerlandMy first 4000 - Breithorn 4164m2 daysBasics
SwitzerlandMönch et Jungfrau - un week-end à 40002 daysBasics
SwitzerlandPointe Dufour 4634m par la voie normale2 daysLevel 1
FranceTour Ronde 3792m1 dayBasics
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