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Weissmies 4023m
The Weissmies (4,023 m) is a mountain in the Pennine Alps in Switzerland near the village of Saas-Fee. It was first climbed by Jakob Christian Häusser and Peter Josef Zurbriggen in 1855 via the Triftgrat. The ascent was mired in some controversy as the local guides did not believe that the peak could be ascended without their help; when they themselves ascended to the summit by following Häusser and Zurbriggen's footprints, they found that the highest point had indeed been reached. The approach to the Trift Glacier/south-west ridge (Triftgrat) route can now be made via lift to Hohsaas, which is located virtually at the edge of the glacier. The ascent from Hohsaas takes about 4 hours and involves slopes to 40 degrees and crevasses.

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