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Subscription offers and rates

BeMountain proposes three types of subscription. The choice between the three types of subscription depends on your needs, your budget, your positioning on the market, your activity ratio as a guide and if you have already an Internet site or not:

1. BeMountain Economy

BeMountain diffuses a broad and varied program from education to high altitude expeditions. With this subscription, you belong to the guides to which BeMountain makes a call in first line. You can work for our BeMountain guide office occasionally without having to pay a subscription fee.

This type of subscription is perfectly appropriate for guides working part-time, the guide-candidate or for those who work in parallel for several guides offices. > more

2. BeMountain Economy Plus

This type of subscription is perfectly appropriate for guides offices and independent guides who already have an established program and who wish to increase their visibility by publishing all or part of their program on BeMountain.

The independent guide who wishes to use the education structures and/or the program already published on BeMountain can also subscribe to this type of subscription. > more

3. BeMountain Full

It's the exclusive and very complete offer of BeMountain. This subscription is perfectly appropriate for the independent guide and guides offices who are carrying on their activity at least 20 days per year.

BeMountain publishes programs from mountain guides members of BeMountain up until the time of booking. BeMountain does not take on any financial transaction related to the programs and services offered by the Guides. The financial transaction related to the booking and participation to an activity lies exclusively between a guide and its client.

Contrary to the two other types of subscription, BeMountain does not perceive any fee on the tours or trips carried out. > more

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