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Snow and avalanches

Snow sports in the wild can be risky, especially when it comes to avalanches. Winter in mountains, with ski-touring, snowshoeing and snowboarding can be exhilarating and bring incomparable joy if the avalanche danger is reduced through well-advised risk management.

Knowing the danger and consequences is the best solution to manage efficiently risk. With appropriate measures, the greatest risks are reduced to obtain the best ratio between minimum danger and maximum benefits.

Even if it looks simple, it is hard not to lose sight of those principles when out. In the wild, it is easy to be sometimes truly blinded by snow.

The secret in a good avalanche training session lies in the optimal relationship between theory and practice. For beginners or experienced climbers, our courses will enable all participants to gain the necessary training to enjoy your winter sports in full autonomy.

Education - Our program

Length of stay
SwitzerlandAvalanche : Theoretical seminar on avalanches (for everyone)2 hoursSpecials
SwitzerlandAvalanche Basics : The elementary snow-knowledge for ski touring (2 days)2 daysBasics
SwitzerlandAvalanche Level 1 : Basics for independent judgement (3 days)3 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandAvalanche Level 2 : Decision making, advanced training for ski touring (3 days)3 daysPro
SwitzerlandAvalanche Course Basics: Elements of snow and avalanches for freerider with ski or snowboard (1 day)1 dayBasics
SwitzerlandAvalanche Course Level 1 : Compact update for freerider with ski or snowboard (1 day)1 dayLevel 1
SwitzerlandAvalanche Course Level 2: Advanced avalanche training for freerider with ski or snowboard (2 days)2 daysLevel 2
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