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Mountaineering is usually defined by the ability to discover, to conquest and to ascent high mountains. The great joy of mountaineering is that of a physical activity that does not necessarily have to be extreme. It is also a technique that has evolved through time by man, transforming a bare sport into a great human passion.

Mountains being a complex environment, problem solving calls for many skills simultaneously. Mountaineering is also in synch with technological evolution and new practices. However gifted, anyone needs to go through training to survive in such a demanding environment.

Our tours and courses enable beginners to discover where and how to take the first steps in mountains. And for the not-so-beginner, it is the right place to compare your own knowledge with new ways of techniques.

Education - Our program

Length of stay
SwitzerlandAlpinisme Coaching 1 : Acquérir et approfondir l'expérience en montagne6 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandAlpinisme Coaching 2 : Perfectionnement individuel sur des courses pour avancés6 daysLevel 2
SwitzerlandAlpinisme Coaching 3 : Une nouvelle progression dans les difficultés techniques pour arriver à des courses qui s’adressent aux bons grimpeurs.5 daysPro
SwitzerlandAlpinisme Cours d'introduction. Apprendre à connaître la diversité des montagnes.4 daysBasics
SwitzerlandAlpinisme Cours de base de 6 jours : votre première semaine de haute montagne6 daysBasics
SwitzerlandCours GPS : navigation en montagne1 daySpecials
SwitzerlandOrientation / Lecture de cartes / GPS: Où suis-je?2 daysSpecials
SwitzerlandSchnupper- und Auffrischungskurs Fels und Eis. Klettergarten und Hochgebirge.2 daysBasics
SwitzerlandFamily mountaineering – Formation week in Maighels Valley5 daysBasics
SwitzerlandFamily mountaineering – Formation week around the Sustli Hut5 daysBasics
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