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Ski on pist

Skiing is the best excuse to discover high mountains in the winter. You will immediately feel at ease with your ski instructor and notice an improvement in your performance. He will show tremendous patience and take great care of you, whatever your level. Choose from our long list of snow sports: ski, carving, freeride, freestyle, snowblade, cross country, telemark, skwal, powder snow, competitive skiing, Swiss Snow League Tests and so on...

Education - Our program

Length of stay
SwitzerlandTechnique de ski en neige profonde et non préparée - Application dans des descentes Freeride (4 jours)4 daysLevel 1
SwitzerlandTechnique de ski hors piste : Conseils et astuces en neige profonde et non préparée (2 jours)2 daysBasics
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To carry out the tours on which you dream, hire a mountain guide on a private basis.

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