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Are you a current or a new mountain guide client?

BeMountain's offer

Services offered by BeMountain include many components, such as :

BeMountain guides inform mountaineers online and behind the scenes with :

  • A complete tours catalog, including trips and expeditions, offered exclusively by professionnal high mountain guides
  • A training program given by pros on all aspects of mountaineering and outdoor sports, from beginner to advanced
  • The organization of personalized programs
  • The organization of outdoor events
  • Advice and organization of expeditions with or without guides
  • Seminars and courses on risk-management
  • Pictures, movies, accounts, to inspire you and to make you dream

And much, much more...

Additional services (expedition lectures, private seminars, etc.) can also be offered.


In the field, BeMountain guides offer two kinds of services, according to the destination, type of trip and existing client-guide relationship.

  • A certified high mountain guide or mountain leader that truly believes in the BeMountain mind-set. This person will accompany you in any of your projects to any destination. During expeditions, he will most likely be helped by a team of locals. This type of hire is more often based on an existing client-guide relationship.
  • A local high mountain guide or mountain leader. This person knows perfectly the region and its traditions. Sensitive to BeMountain's mind-set, he is specifically trained for our activities.

Your high mountain guide

  • Is responsible for the tour or trip : route, progression rythm, logistics, acclimatization and adaptation to other changes;
  • Will facilitate your approach to the region or country;
  • Will be your group organizer and maintain group cohesion;
  • Will be available to listen to your needs, so that you tour or trip is an unforgettable moment.
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