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Mountains of the world


Imposing locations, the ultimate change of scene, and, as a bonus, the unforgettable hospitality of the mountain people....
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An hindu wiseman once wrote that a hundred cosmic eras would not be enough to describe all the splendors of the Himalaya. The mere mention of the name evokes immensity. For travelers and mountaineers ...
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If the Alps are the major center of mountaineering, Europe has also more to offer. Discover Tatra mountains, Pyrenees, Scandinavia’s mountains, even Caucasus, which can boast having a dozen summits h...
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Central America

Between the Caribbean and the Pacific, active volcano, observation of the many species: an extraordinary natural destination. The discovery of the rustic life of the Amerindians....
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North America

Feeling of freedom in these national parks, little attended in winter. Imposing landscapes and vestiges are offered to the traveller....
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Jewel of the antipodes, country of Maoris, national parks, exuberant tropical forests, glaciers and volcanos, a digest of the most beautiful landscapes of the planet....
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South America

The Andes Cordillera spans on more than 7,000 km, from the Caribbean to the Strait of Magellan and to the Tierra del Fuego, where its lasts peaks rise from the sea....
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