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Mountain in winter

Winter mountaineering

Everyone feels summer is too short. To mountaineers’ displeasure, seasons change and, as usual, the fall starts off with the regrets of tours that have not gone past the long months of preparation and training.


Expeditions : the kingdom of altitude. Altitude which makes us dream and then, which surprise us. Often it makes us suffer, some even die from it.

Haute route in winter

Haute routes imply a more demanding approach than simple ski-touring, which consists of going from point A to point B.


Ever tried heliskiing ? It is the ultimate snow experience for a skier or boarder. Interested?

4000 peaks in winter

It's the discovery of 4000s on skis which does not require advanced mountaineering skills.

Snow and avalanches

Snow sports can be exhilarating and bring incomparable joy if the avalanche danger is reduced through well-advised risk management.


Snowshoeing is the gateway to snowy nature, its meadows and underwoods. This sport enables you to travel middle mountains… silently. And it helps you get higher and farther, if you dare to.

Ski on pist

Skiing is the best excuse to discover high mountains in the winter. You will immediately feel at ease with your ski instructor and notice an improvement in your performance.

Ski touring

Skiing is the best excuse to discover high mountains in the winter. Skiing in virgin snow, escaping from the beaten path… A great moment!

Freeride skiing

Ever been off the beaten path? It is a skier’s nirvana.

Freeride snowboarding

Slide in the "joie de vivre". Powdery snow flies by you, adrenaline is pumping and you soon become a particle amongst the monumental silence of the mountain universe.


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