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Mountain in summer


Mountaineering is usually defined by the ability to discover, to conquest and to ascent high mountains.


Bouldering is a type of climbing undertaken without a rope and is normally limited in respect to the height the climber ascends the route so that any fall will not risk significant injury.

Rock climbing

Climbing is a natural-born pleaser, with that awesome balance game of your body in verticality. Climbing is both exhilaration and self-realization.


Expeditions : the kingdom of altitude. Altitude which makes us dream and then, which surprise us. Often it makes us suffer, some even die from it.

Haute route in summer

Haute routes imply a more demanding approach than simple hiking, which consists of going from point A to point B. It is discovering high mountains through its trails, its snow and glaciers with the goal of realizing long traverses and climb attainable peaks that need just a little bit of alpine technique.

4000 peaks in summer

Which mountaineer - amateur or experienced - has never dreamed of climbing a 4000 meters?

Hike & trek

Hiking offers a space of freedom, intact nature, wild, small valleys where marmots and ibexes chill out…

Hike & trek on a glacier

It is the discovery of high mountains through its trails, snows and glaciers.

Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata lets you discover the mountain in its vertical dimension, with its trails equipped with cables and ladders.


Climbing, hiking and skiing trips. We want to share our enthusiasm of world travelling.


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