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Some rules for hiring a mountain guide

Registration for tours, trips, training or expedition

Any registration must be made using the online registration form posted on the BeMountain web site or sent in writing to the mountain guide's mailing address, accompanied by a 30 % deposit on top of the eventual cancellation insurance. With the payment of the deposit, the participant's registration becomes official. The registration and the general conditions form the content of the contract between the participant and the mountain guide.

After registering (on the internet or in writing), the participant receives a confirmation letter or email with a first bill (30 % deposit) on top of the eventual cancellation insurance. Even after receiving the deposit, the reservation is only possible if there is still place available. When a client is accepted, the mountain guide will send him a bill, that also confirms the reservation, and the balance must be paid no later than 21 days for prior to departure (30 days for trips, 60 days for expeditions). If a client registers less than 21 days prior to departure, the full price must be paid with the reservation request.

Remuneration and expenses

The guides' remuneration is based on the official rates of the national guide associations. According to the SA rate (Special Agreement), the guide can set his own fee.

The client must pay for any expense during the tour, such as overnight stays - in huts or hotels - food, and transportation. Unless stated otherwise in the program, fees for insurance, equipment, accommodation, board, beverages, transportation, and  ski lifts are not included in the price.

The allowance for any day of rest or wait - because of the client's wishes or weather conditions - is at least the daily rate. If the scheduled tour cannot be realised after the overnight stay in the hut, because of meteorological reasons, the guide gets at least the daily rate.

When the guide, after fulfilling his commitment, has to take an extra day to return home, he gets a daily allowance according to the rate and his travel expenses.

Changes to the Program

The mountain guide has the right to modify the program and its fees before the contract is concluded. These changes will be communicated when the client registers. There can also be changes to the program between registration time and the beginning of the program.

The mountain guide informs participants as soon as possible about the changes and their impact on the price. During the event, the mountain guide is the sole judge when it comes to modifying the program. Such changes can be necessary because of factors related to meteorological and mountain conditions, the participant's physical condition, technical capabilities, and safety.

The participant is aware that such modifications can occur during any mountain tour. In a situation like this, the mountain guide is authorised to suggest a different route or another area; in so doing, the obligations of the contract are entirely fulfilled, the participant has to meet any supplementary expense.

There is no guarantee that the ascent of the summits chosen will be completed.

For other questions related to the hiring of a guide, the general conditions for the mountain guide apply here.

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