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Hiring formulas

Private Guiding

Hiring a private guide is a tried and true formula that has survived through a century of mountaineering and is perfect for the tour you have been dreaming of.

This is the most flexible formula to tackle on a mountain. Such a privileged relationship has often blossomed into friendships that have celebrated the successes of prestigious routes on the world's peaks.

You will find under Peaks catalog, the list of tours with their cost.



Group Guiding

You don't have a rope partner and you'd like to go on a specific tour ? Collective climbs will group climbers together, which helps share common expenses.

In this formula, the guide sets fixed dates and he has the right to cancel if a minimum number of participants is not met. The tour's difficulty and the current conditions establish the maximum number of participants.

You will find a vast array of activities, spanning from one day to multi-day expeditions : rock or ice climbing, snow routes, mixed activities, hut ascents,etc.

All of the group guiding opportunities are also available through private hiring. 



All inclusive

Favored by many, the all inclusive formula is offered in various formats : training sessions, trips, tours and other activities. These specific offers can be found in each guide?s program.  



Whatever the formula, guides always place security first, respecting the usual guiding standards and the ethics of the profession.

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