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How to choose your guide ?

If you think that choosing a guide has to do with his looks, like cinema has sometimes shown us, you are going the wrong way. Clients often have difficulty when starting to look for a guide, especially when it comes to determining their own skill level.

Nevertheless, contacting a guide is relatively simple. BeMountain helps you find and hire a guide easily. The website facilitates reservation and registration. If you already know a guide, you can see what he offers, and if you don't, you can search for a guide according to the activity and the region of your choice. To meet our Guides, click here.

At crossroads between a welcoming space and a sales point, BeMountain is a pratical online basecamp where ideas emerge and projects originate. It is also a virtual marketplace for sharing and information. From there, guides take on the welcoming of the participants, the scheduling of their program and then any follow-ups required.

BeMountain informs hikers and mountaineers online and behind the scenes with :

A complete tour, trip and expedition exclusive catalog offered by professionnal high mountain guides.

  • A training program given by pros on all aspects of mountaineering and outdoor sports, from the basics to more advanced skills;
  • The organization of customized programs;
  • The organization of outdoor events;
  • Advice and organization of expeditions with or without guides;
  • Seminars and training sessions on risk management;
  • Pictures, movies, accounts, to inspire you and to make you dream.

And much, much more...


On the field, BeMountain guides offer you two options, according to the destination, type of trip and existing client-guide relationship.

  1. A certified high mountain guide or mountain leader that truly believes in the BeMountain spirit. This person will accompany you in any of your projects, activities or destinations. During expeditions, he will most likely be assisted by a local team. This type of hire is more often based on a pre-existing client-guide relationship.
  2. A local high mountain guide or mountain leader. This person knows perfectly the region and its traditions. Sensitive to BeMountain?s spirit, he is specifically trained for our activities.

Good client-guide roped parties forge themselves after a few activities together. Among guides and clients altogether, you will find Spartan climbers and Epicurian mountaineers, babblers and silent ones, TGV riders and night train travelers. For the team to work, everyone needs to find their own alter ego! 

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