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The role of a mountain guide 

The mountain is no stranger to the guide. He accompanies you professionally during mountain tours, expeditions or during activities such as climbing, trekking, ski-touring or off-piste snowboarding.

Guides communicate, in groups or individually, an intense experience of mountain and of nature. These « mountain crafters » will share their passion and be at your service with their solid knowledge of altitude challenges in places hard to conquer.

In the great outdoors, especially at high altitudes, a bad decision can have large consequences. A guide, with his vast experience and theoric knowledge will take entire responsibility of the tour or the trip.

From preparation to conclusion, the guide takes into account all the aspects related to security : itinerary, group conduct, progression rythm, logistics, weather conditions adaptation, avalanche forecasts etc. The guide will facilitate your approach to the region and to mountaineering activities.

It's true, mountains are gorgeous, but for many mountain guides, it is the contact with participants and the dialogue with them that really matters. An available guide, who really listens will make for a unforgettable trip.

He will be able to entertain your group, assure its cohesion while giving you joy and a sense of discovery that will « Free your mind » from the stress of modern life.

With your favorite guide, discover, or rediscover the magic of mountains: contemplative moments, larger-than-life silences, breaths of pure air. BeMountain guides will be right beside you every step of the way.


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