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BeMountain's 6-point promise


Mountain guides post on detailed tour, course and trip programs. For each activity, general and practical information is included, as well as a step-by-step activity guide and complete information about the price, what it includes and what it does not as well as all the administrative questions relatied to the activity.

BeMountain guides define clearly the nature of their tours, courses and trips as well as their difficulty level and will inform you when newer programs have not been extensively tested. Guides inform participants as soon as possible about any changes in the program (weather, conditions, political situations, strikes, etc.).

BeMountain helps mountain professionals, wherever they are, to network, thanks to recent technological advances. BeMountain posts BeMountain guides' programs until registration, but does not take on any financial transaction related to their programs and other services offered by them. Payment related to the registration and participation for any activities offered by a BeMountain guide is agreed between the guide and the client.

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