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BeMountain's 6-point promise

Fair Prices

All prices are clearly indicated so that the participant can see what exactly he is paying for and what is included (and not included).

The detailed program indicates the possible price discounts, in particular discounts for early registrations. The more the registration is sent in advance, the less the price is high: 3% discount for a registration from 1 to 3 months before the departure; 6% for a registration more than 3 months before the departure.

Prices are based upon official pricing used in major peaks and tours for the region in which the tour or expedition is taking place. They are calculated upon the usual departure place. These can be revised if the clients chooses another starting point. In doubt, the pricing from the guide's local bureau will be applied.

Starting in 2005, the daily fare is CHF 450.- / EUR 290.-. This daily fare can vary depending on the length of the tour, difficulty level, mountain conditions, number of participants and period of the year and can go from CHF 450.- to CHF 860.- or Euro 290.- to Euro 1360.-

For other questions, general conditions for mountain Guides apply here, especially regarding the hiring of the guide, interruption of the expedition due to bad weather, disrespect of a promise made by a client or questions related to the travelling time for a guide. The client is responsible for those charges.

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