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Our tours are privileged opportunities to increase mountaineering autonomy

They enable you to gain experience in alpine sports.

Our curriculum serves both beginner and advanced participants. Initiation tours are available as well as more technical classes for the die-hard mountaineering fan. We even offer a course for families.

Security is a determining factor for us. It can be found as an integral part in all of our tours.

As a newcomer or as an experienced adventurer, you are always invited to learn in a relaxed atmosphere. 

All our trainings are designed in a logic, sequential learning progression


Advanced 1

Advanced 2


In each tours' description, you will find detailed requirements. If you still wonder if the requirements match your skills, give us a call. We are glad to help !

Estimating  a skill through a single icon was too simplistic to accurately define something as complex as a peak or a tour's difficulty. Thus, we have created  an additional set of classification icons that represent the following four criterias :

Physical condition

Skiing technical knowledge

Commitment (also called engagement difficulty)

Technical knowledge of:


Snow and ice




Via ferrata


Hike and trek


Find a training

Your destination

Your activity

Your skill level

Lenght of stay

Our education activities

Rock climbing
Climbing is a natural-born pleaser, with that awesome balance game of ...
Freeride snowboarding
Ever been off the beaten path? It is a boarder’s nirvana. You are amon...
Freeride skiing
Ever been off the beaten path? It is a skier’s nirvana. You are among ...
Snow and avalanches
Snow sports in the wild can be risky, especially when it comes to aval...
Ski touring
Skiing is the best excuse to discover high mountains in the winter. Sk...
Haute route in winter
Haute routes imply a more demanding approach than simple ski-touring, ...
Snowshoeing is the gateway to snowy nature, its meadows and underwoods...
Mountaineering is usually defined by the ability to discover, to conqu...
4000 peaks in summer
Which mountaineer - amateur or experienced - has never dreamed of clim...
Winter mountaineering
Everyone feels summer is too short. To mountaineers’ displeasure, seas...
Hike & trek
Hiking offers a space of freedom, intact nature, wild, small valleys w...
Hike & trek on a glacier
It is the discovery of high mountains through its trails, snows and gl...
Via Ferrata
Via Ferrata lets you discover the mountain in its vertical dimension, ...
Ski on pist
Skiing is the best excuse to discover high mountains in the winter. Yo...
Ever tried heliskiing ? It is the ultimate snow experience for a skier...



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